Freakshow is the culmination of a young man and his guardian pimp, both of which died at the hands of evil overlords after the guardian pimp sought to find the young mans true Father. The guardians ashes were sprinkled into the grave of the young man and Freakshow was born after a toxic chemical spill. Freakshow set out to exact vengeance on those same people that made him what he is today but maintains to hide his identity as “The Deacon of Darkness, The Posthumous Pimp” and host of Bordello of Horror.


 While out on one of his usual perusing of the local watering holes, Freakshow came upon a lovely young lady outside of one of his seedier favorites and offered to take her in. Little did she know the kind man had plans of putting her to work on the streets. She fell under his spell and abide by his every wish. In his hedonistic style he quickly dismissed her and moved onto the next young, flexible hottie that crossed his path. With the unfortunate circumstances and criminal investigations into the fall of his original Bordello, He felt it best to keep her constrained and left to die in the bowels of the Bordello. Mistress Malicious did not take this lightly and did everything in her power to free herself from her confines. She set out to track down the man that had shunned her affection and make his life a living hell no matter what it would take. She soon found that she could not resist his charmingly bumbling demeanor and could not turn down taking a “position” under his……..supervision.


The story of Drizzlepuss begins where all good stories must begin, in the 1980s hair metal scene. Working as a roadie for all of the major bands Drizzle was always many hours early for work so he could steal the band members' groupies.. Unfortunately all good things must end, with the arrival of the 90s grunge scene Drizzle found himself unemployed. After a very short failed attempt at becoming a male gigolo, Drizzle would find himself up to his knees in lawsuits due to a scandal that would become known as Crabgate. Broken and homeless he would spend the next few years on the living on the streets, eventually hitting rock bottom when he was caught trading sexual favors for food. Fortune would eventually shine on Drizzle when he began making money participating in the local bum fights where he would come to be known as the king of the Bum Rumbles. Drizzle would squander away ever cent he made off of his winnings due to his newfound love of getting drunk at all the upscale bars around the city.

It is here where he made his next move by videotaping many important politicians at the bars doing many questionable acts while drunk. Drizzle would use these tapes as a means of blackmail to get these men in his pocket so he could now "get everything I ever wanted". His newfound success at blackmail in order he now set his sights on securing a place to live. After a long and extremely drunken night he stumbled quite literally onto the Bordello Of Horror, where he found that the back door was left unlocked. After sleeping it off the next three days in the laundry room he was discovered by Freakshow and convinced him that he had been working there as the janitor for the last 5 years. Freakshow, not being the brightest, believed him and Drizzle had been there ever since performing every dirty deed he can get away with inside the hallowed walls of the Bordello. Not always the sharpest knife in the drawer, what he lacks in intelligence he makes up for with his shear criminal ingenuity. Drizzles goals now include doing what he can to make the Bordello and the airwaves his with the intent of world domination in mind and to hopefully "get laid".

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Dynamite comes in small packages and this dynamic dynamo brings the beauty and brains….although she can be easily confused. With the one word moniker of Marijohuana, much like that of Prince or Elmo; she does the best she can to keep Freakshow at bay and just try to figure out how the hell she actually wound up in the Bordello of Horror.

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The Ditsy Dazzling Damsel of Damnation Daphne came from the small town of Woodwork in a land far, far away, which probably only exists in her own mind. After leaving Woodwork on a quest to find friends, fun and the pursuit of dorkiness, she stumbled into the Bordello answering an ad that simply read high exposure low pay. This is where she met Freakshow and Mistress Malicious, who took her under their wing to show her what all life has to offer. While doing her best to fit in and continually annoying the others with her puppy like upbeat tone and overzealous attitude.  And let’s not forget her love of shiny objects and squeak toys, because who doesn’t like a good squeak?


After a night of Jazz music and medicated delusions, an unwary victim by the name of One Ball Johnson finds himself at the wrong end of Mistress M’s psychopathic rampage. He awakes to find that his soul has been sucked into her favorite frisky foliage. Matcha is born a schizophrenic culmination of misplaced souls and it is Mistress M’s intention to keep him rooted as the Bordello pet and her personal muse.

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